What does Etherall mean ?


Etherall is here to help you sort out your mess so that you can focus on living your best life in your unique way.

The word 'mess' points towards every issue that is impacting your well-being.

To help you with it all, a range of topics will be covered here. We will be discussing things related to mental health, relationship, self-improvement, negative self-help, beauty, travel and much more.

Before we move forward, allow me to clear it out that the name of the website is in no way associated with chemistry. Basically, ether is the fifth element of Ayurveda which is defined as the building block of space, time and consciousness. It is the omnipresent element that is there for you even in the absence of all the other elements. So, Ether combined with all signifies a space which is always there for everyone without any bias.


Etherall is aimed at welfare so it is always ensured that all the articles published on this site are based on evidence and backed by science.

Happy Reading.

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