Hey, I am Akshita

Thank you for coming to my self improvement blog.


Allow me to introduce myself, I am a college student based in Mumbai, India. I am in my twenties and just like everyone in my age bracket I am juggling with a lot of interests and activities. The process is exhausting but I revitalise myself through writing. I intend to devote my life to help people with their mental health and combining that with my love for writing has given birth to Etherall.

I am no life coach or an expert on everything but a nerd who knows how to do her research. My knowledge range a wide number of fields as my interests involve psychology, mindfulness, spirituality, travel, food, hospitality, socialising, fashion and a bit of economics.

My only goal through this website is to be there for people and to share everything that I have read and experienced to make their a little life easier.


Hope you find my Blog helpful.


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