10 Affordable Tools for New Content Creators on Instagram and YouTube

10 Affordable Tools for New Content Creators on Instagram and YouTube:

The Taj Mahal wasn't built in a day, quite a cliche, right? But that's the funny thing about cliques, they are always true. So, building on the same, let's talk about social media fame. If you aspire to be a well-known contentment creator on Instagram or Youtube you need to put in work, have patience cause you know, and most importantly have the right tools. Social media is flooding with new creators every day and if you wish to stand out, you have to own the right tools and not rely on baseless reviews. To help you with your journey of content creation here are 10 Affordable Tools for New Content Creators on Instagram and YouTube:

Instead of pictures, I have used links to products I own and suggest so that you don't have to spend your time searching.


An obvious accessory to shot videos and click pictures, but the question is which one. If you are just starting out and want something cheap then go for a Flexible Tripod as the cheap solid adjustable tripods aren’t good quality.

Portable LED

No, owning a portable LED won't make you a TikTok, but it will surely make you a killer content creator. If you are just starting out and don't wish to compromise the quality of your pictures, you need this portable LED. The best one that you'll find at the best price is given below.

Backdrop Stand

If you don't wish to procrastinate your content creation. You need a killer background and if you cannot find it in your hope. You need to create one with ease with the help of a backdrop stand.

Green Screen

If you can't find a killer backdrop in your house in the form of bedsheets. You will need to create one with the help of a green screen, which is available in the market at a nominal cost.

Tripod Mount Adapter

Most Tripods come either without a Mount adapter to connect your phone or a low-quality one that can damage your phone. If you don't wish for your phone to suffer go for a stable mount adapter.


If you are aiming to make it big on Youtube or IGTV, you need a good quality mic. Nobody likes a lot of disturbance in the video they are watching.

Selfie Ring

If you are looking at making reels or clicking stunning selfies from your phone. You need a portable ring in your budding content creator accessories pack.

Telescopic Camera

Well, this tool is not a must for everyone but will surely give you an edge over other content creators with the accessibilities to shoot everything on your phone.

Tripod Bag

As a content creator, you need to be on your toes all the time. Which means you need to carry your tools the right way.

Selfie Stick

How can anyone talk about portability without mentioning the selfie stick? If you want to be a vlogger ever then you need to own this.

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