10 Everyday Things You Have Been Doing Wrong

Humans are the master of the world. We are the most evolved species and the sky's the limit for us. We have tried our hands at things which seemed impossible in the past and we have been continuously redefining the meaning of the term. Humans have touched the sky, measured the great lengths of the sea and viewed the smallest particle on this planet. We are constantly innovating and excelling in all fields.

There is a tiny problem though, we are all so occupied in the big things that we don't pay attention to the small ones even when we are doing it wrong. We do most of our daily activities on autopilot without considering the possibility of an alternate or better way. Seems relatable? Well, you are not alone.

So, to help you all with your routine and make your life easier we present to you ten things you have been doing wrong, along with the correct way to do it.

1. Earphones

Everyone wears earphones the same way, or do they? You'll be amazed to know that there is an alternate way, which is also the correct way to put earphones on and what you have been doing all your life is incorrect. You should wear earphones upside down while coiling the wire around your ear. This will ensure that your earpiece doesn't drop.

2. Cupcakes

The correct way to eat a cupcake takes the fun out of it. You are allowed to ignore it if you don't mind getting frosting on your face. You have to cut a thick portion of cake from the bottom of the cupcake and place it above the frosting. Make a cup cupcake sandwich. We know, we don't like it either. :(

3. Putting Moisturizer

Mom told us that to take care of our skins we need to put moisturizer but never told us to rub or dab. Geez, calm down, they are only humans. You might have been rubbing moisturizer on your face for ages, but now you need to start dabbing it. Rubbing moisturizer could be harsh for your skin.

4. Eating an Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, how to do that though? Social media made you aware of the right way to eat the banana and left Apple out of the equation. Don't worry we have got it covered eat an apple from the bottom to top and not from the side. This ensures minimum wastage and you can hold the apple from the stem.

5. Cleaning a Blender

Who would have thought that there was a correct way to clean a blender, certainly not us? We could be wrong sometimes too you know. So, while cleaning a blender there's no need to scrub it simply put water and soap in the jar and blend it. Easy, right?

6. Juice Box

How many times have you created a juice fountain by applying too much pressure on the juice box? To avoid juice from spilling through the straw using the flaps on the top of the box to hold the box. Yes, those silly things had a purpose all along.

7. Dipping Oreo

Dipping your hands in milk isn't the most ideal scenario. Oreo wasn't made to get your hands all milky, they designed it in a way to prevent that from happening. Using a fork to eat an oreo, will prevent your hands from getting dirty and you can keep your biscuit dipped for as long as you want. Just stick your knife to the creamy area and you are good to go.

8. Toothpaste

This is gonna save you a lot of money. We all use an excessive amount of toothpaste to put on our brushes when we only need a pea-size. Using a large amount won't only make your product last longer but save your gums from getting damaged too. It's a win-win.

9. Takeaway Cup

All of us love our morning coffee on the go, right? We get a lid along with the cup to prevent it from spilling on the way. That is the not the only use of the lid and you probably should've not thrown it in the bin. The lid is also supposed to be used as a coaster. Try and impress your colleagues tomorrow with your expertise.

10. Bobby Pin

Every woman's best friend. Women have been using pins for ages but haven't been using it right. It's not their fault as the faulty way of wearing bobby pins is considered the only way. But, it is not, bobby pins are supposed to be worn with the longer side faced upward and not the other way around. This ensures a better grip.

We hope you had fun learning about your mistakes instead of learning from them. We aim to make your life easier through this article.

Also, we will be delighted to know if we missed something obvious. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.