10 Tips to spend less and shop more

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

If you’ve read my previous works you might be astonished to see the title, I know I usually don’t write about these topics but from now onward you can expect such articles because once a wise kid told me that ‘If you know something that can help people don’t be afraid to share it with the world’. So, now I am going to do just that; no matter if it gets my niche mixed up.

For a person who doesn’t like to judge people by their clothes I surely have a lot of clothes. Acquaintances often assume from the frequency of my shopping sprees that I might get a but load of pocket money but that’s far from the reality, I get a fairly decent amount of money every month and living in the most expensive city in India and being an outdoor person the amount feels really low*. You might be wondering then how do you manage to shop so much bitch, well continue reading to find out, also don’t just read the titles: read the entire thing, please.

1. Spend Last Save First

Most of us tend to spend most of our money as soon as we get it, which results in ‘broke scenes’ at the end of every month. But you can prevent it by practising this simple principle, keep a certain amount of money aside as soon as you receive your allowance; you might not appreciate the value of savings now but trust me they are your best friends. Treat savings like borrowed money and don’t use a penny unless you run out of all other alternatives.

Now after doing the responsible thing figure out how much money do you need for all the expenses excluding shopping and when I say all I mean to include your trips to the club, your friends birthday gift, college notes and most importantly anticipate expenses that can occur out of the blue. After you are done with this you’ll be left with a figure that is your shopping budget for the month.

Spend your month normally without any irrational expenditure and you’ll be left with an amount close to your estimated figure. This works well against SLSF because the motive to buy something we like prevents us from spending money irrationally, and when the tables are turned and saving is done, at last, the motive is not strong enough to convince our brain to not spend the money we don’t really have.

2.Making a list

Have you ever found yourself spending fortunes on the things that you didn’t want while forgetting about the things that you did? This usually happens when you see an attractive peace in a store and you just can’t resist the temptation, we’ll talk about temptations in the next points but for now, let’s stick to the list. Make a note in your phone under the title ‘What I need to buy’; note that it’s needed and not want, and list down things that you wish to buy the following month. You don’t have to write everything in a go but whenever you think of something or ran across something you think you need, just open the note and add the item.

It is important to have the list on your phone for easy access. It can include specific items like blue cami top from F21 or general products like blue jeans. You can get creative with your list and arrange them in a sequence of priorities, Doing so will help you if you don’t have the money to buy everything on your list: you can buy the top items then and shift the rest to your list for next month.

Remember to ‘Stick to the list’


What do you do when you see something pretty and get a temptation to purchase it? You buy it right? Stop doing that. During the month when you go out and lay your eyes on something that is adorable and would look great on you just Don’t buy it and get out of there, sleep on it and if you still want it in the morning add it to the list and do nothing else and if you don’t wanna it in the morning then send me Thank you note, just kidding.

Now, Wait for the end of the month and buy it then but if it’s not available to look online and in other stores. I assure you that you’ll find it or might find something better as the universe doesn’t take the things away from you that you truly deserve. This rule has an exception, learn about that in point number eight.


I would kill myself if I find that someone bought the same thing as me at a lower price but that never happens because I am smart. *Touchwood* My secret is that I rarely ever buy something on a non discounted price like chances are that I didn’t pay the full price for up to 90% of the clothes. The trick is to know your brands and be aware, if you are store person you should know the best sales for your favourite stores like the summer sale for Zara, end of seasons sale in H&M or January sale in West-side etc. In my opinion, selective brands are more reliable than others when it comes to rebates, so if someone tells you that sales are a hoax, they are probably shopping in the wrong store.

Also When it comes to online shopping you don’t have to keep track of anything, as there are almost always discounts available.

5.Simplifying Online Shopping

Let’s talk about my favourite which is staying at home and ordering stuff if you are not a fan of online shopping you can skip this point but if you already love it or want to excel at it here are some pointers. Don’t stick to mainstream online stores unless you want a specific product of a specific brand, the web has lots of small stores that have every trendy piece of clothing that you see on Instagram and are available at reasonable prices. Also, don’t end up buying junk, we often buy crap online as we add everything that we like at a glance to our cart. The solution is to review everything twice, after adding everything in the cart check the remove the items you have the slightest bit of doubt about, then sleep on it and check it again in the morning and remove items that don’t feel right. Another thing you need to focus on is sizes, every brand has distinct sizes so don’t be a lazy ass who doesn’t study the size chart and read the customer reviews. Read everything and don’t order rationally.

6.Hybrid Shopping

Wanna get the best of both worlds? Then try this, if you are not lazy and you dig stores and love to try things on. You can go to the store, look for the pieces you like and compare the price on the web then and there and go for the better deal. Another way you can use this method is to know sizes, sizes pertaining to a particular brand won’t change, so if you are not sure about the size of a piece you are ordering you can go to a store of the same brand and try on different size of clothing to make sure.

7.Understanding Stores

I am the last person you’ll see in the mall shopping as the internet is my bae but when I go shopping occasionally I like to go alone if I am shopping for myself. There are two reasons behind it, firstly I don’t like to buy clothing according to someone else’s taste and secondly, if I need help there are employees in the store who won’t give me their opinion unless I ask them to. Taking someone along who might make you second guess your choices isn’t a good idea. Another thing is to know your brands as I mentioned in the point about discounts, but keeping track of sales is not enough. Make a note to possess membership cards of brands you dig and be aware of special offers and you are good to go.

8.An exception to the rule of resistance

This is pretty simple, you can buy something in the middle of the month if satisfy all of the following conditions:

•If it is in your list

•If it is exactly like you imagined

•If it fits you right

•If there is no chance in hell that you would find that product again

If it does satisfy all of these criteria then buy it with the money you have for going out that week because the most important criteria are that IF YOU ARE WILLING TO MAKE THE SACRIFICE.

9. Keep track

How many of us buy a piece of clothing that is identical or really similar to one we already possess?

If you don’t do that skip this point but if you do, you’ve come to the right place. I used to buy the same clothes again and again until one day I realised that I have only three colours in my wardrobe. To stop this practice the list plays an important role, so if possible try and always mention the colour and style of the product you need in your list. Another technique you can use is keeping pictures of your clothes on your phone so whenever you have a doubt about some product, you can check.

10. Donate and Resell

I am working on this myself, I feel like my clothes are my babies and I can’t let them go. But sometimes you have to let things go even when you don’t want to, I got a heck of donating but selling still seem distant. Despite being incapable to sell I have done my research on how and where to sell. There are stores that take your old clothes in exchange for money and apps like Elanic is yet another great option.

So, this is it.

I hope you found these suggestions helpful.

Let me know what would you like to read next.