Cope with Social Media Anxiety with these 5 Tips

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Cope with Social Media Anxiety

Our entire generation was born with more technology than our minds can handle. We think that we have evolved enough to be tolerant of using technology 24X7, but in reality, we are nowhere close. Though technology has made many positive impacts on our life, it has negatively impacted our mental well being and the one thing that shines bright in the cons section is social media. Think about it, didn’t phone a lot more productive and a lot less stressful in the previous decade? The easy accessibility of social media might be exciting, but it is in no way good for your well being. No matter how much we deny it, social media affects our self-esteem and make us feel inadequate. Social media causes an immense amount of anxiety, but we can prevent it by learning How to Cope with Social Media Anxiety.

1. Pause, Switch and Reflect

Cope with Social Media Anxiety

Remember when you watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix and sworn of using Social Media mindfully. Sadly, that ended with you posting a story of the documentary and forgetting about it. What you see here, is that you know social media is bad for you but you can’t seem to stop but maybe you don’t have to. Not everyone can live alife off-grid and it is fine.

All you have to do is pause every time you get overwhelmed with social media.

Then switch to any other activity that you could to mindfully.

After recharging yourself go back to the moment you felt overwhelmed by social media and work on that.

Most probably you’ll realize that particular social media channels, content, people, apps, or browsing habits make you anxious. So, get rid of that particular thing one at a time.

2. Dopamine Detox

Cope with Social Media Anxiety

Our phones act as an anxiety pacifier as they distract us from our thoughts. These tiny coping mechanism filled with social media can cause us more harm when they are making us happy. Browsing social media for entertainment releases dopamine in huge amounts, the same hormone associated with drugs. So, when you are using social media and enjoying it you are getting addicted to it. This results in you not being able to stay away from social media even at the times you want to or have to. To prevent this destructive behavior, give yourself a few hours away from social media every day. Even if you are super bored, just embrace it as that boredom will save you a whole lot of anxiety.

3. Be informed

Cope with Social Media Anxiety

Social media is a lot let stressful when it is not the only information source you have. Our generation not only keeps in touch with people with social media but also uses it to get information to seem woke on the same media. Instead of getting all the negativity from one place, you can choose to compartmentalize the information you consume. Read and watch to be informed of the causes you care about and don’t rely on social media to feed you information. As the information you’ll receive from your friend's story will be influenced by his/her views and you follow a hundred of your friends. You can’t care about everything that each one of them cares about.

4. Change the narrative

Cope with Social Media Anxiety

Most of our social media is anxiety is caused by viewing people’s life which always seems better than yours. To learn how to cope with social media anxiety is to learn to to not compare. Which is easier said than done, humans are bound to compare and compete. The problem with social media is that most times you are competing with someone that doesn’t exist. People don’t post their entire reality on their feeds, just the highlights. To not let these highlights affect you, you can either pity yourself when you might be far better than them. You can create your fake reality on social media or you can just unfollow or mute such people. Even block the famous people who make you feel insecure, it is your wellbeing and you don’t need to see people who affect it negatively.

5. Know your options

Cope with Social Media Anxiety

People who use social media for business or popularity tend to get anxious when they don’t achieve a result. Remember that if you are only worried about likes or sales, no matter what you do, it will always be stressful. You will always expect results, even concentrating on the content your producing. The more you stress about the result, the more your content will suffer. So, just use your account to post and then forget about it. Still, after a considerable amount of time you don’t achieve results, move to another social media If you can’t take the struggle again switch to another way of engaging with your customers. You don’t need social media,

I hope these tips on How to Cope with Social Media Anxiety come in handy to you.

Browse Safe. :)