Easy DIY Wall Art to Brighten Up Plain Rooms

DIY Wall Art

Nobody likes plain walls and it is not feasible for everyone to spend a ton of money on wall decor. That doesn’t mean that you need to compromise and live in a house with soulless walls. We are going to help you create stunning wall art that won’t burn a hole in your pocket or waste your time. We have made a list of old items that can be repurposed and recycled into DIY wall art, without much tweaking.

1. Old Dishes

We all possess old dishes and china that we no longer use, instead of giving them away put them on your walls. The more patterns on the utensils the better and if you find only plain chin you could always DIY some patterns.

2. Rugs and Carpets

Remember when rugs were a trendy thing and your mother bought a lot of them? It is time to get them out of the storeroom and onto your walls.

3. Old Art Projects

Those old sketches and paintings from your art class as a kid are worth a comeback. Just get them framed and turn your wall into a modern art museum.

4. Beads and Pearls

Want to go a little bohemian? Grab all the jewellery you bought from your Goa trip and use them to create beaded hangings.

5. Mirrors

Grab all the old mirrors you can and just dump them all together all over your wall. You could not go wrong with this wall art DIY and I am sure that you have a lot of hand mirrors lying around from old makeup products.

6. Fake Flower

The fake flowers that stood gloriously on their respective vases broke off someday. As a result, they were banished to storage. It is time to welcome them back to your life and use creativity and make DIY Flower Wall.

7. Hats

Have old hats that are no longer in trend? Don’t throw them away because you can create a stunning hat wall from them. Also, if you have limited closet space add then just put them on the walls too.

8. Photographs

Your old albums are just laying there in this digital age. Don’t let those memories and paper go to waste and create a wall filled with stunning pictures of you and your loved ones.

We hope this DIY wall decor made your life a little easier and your walls a lot more presentable.