The Effect of the Moon on Human Behaviour Explained

The moon has been a matter of astonishment for the human race since the beginning of time. Advancement in modern science has made it a hot topic of study and why shouldn't it be, it the only thing that revolves around us. Science has come a long way in its exploration of the moon, from an unreachable goal it is now a potential habitat where you can buy a property. Yes, it's true. But has the science figured out how the moon affects humans? Does it have the power to change our state?

Even though science doesn't believe that the moon can change our physical state (bye, werewolf) but it has affected our non-physical attributes. The effect of the moon on people's behaviour has been a popular theory for centuries, but it was initially disparaged by science but now the lunar effect can be backed up by science.

There are three popular theories which explain how the lunar cycle can have an effect on human mood, mood swings and sleep cycles. We will briefly explain what these theories are.

1. The Busy Night

This theory narrates that people have trouble falling asleep during full moon nights. This behaviour is because the human mind is programmed to be active during bright light, hence on full moon night the mind cannot stop functioning. Sleep directly influences a person's mood and thus insomnia on particular days means bad mood on those days.

2. Magnetic field changes

It is commonly known that the Moon affects the water bodies on the planet. Tidal effects caused by the Moon deform Earth's mantle which ultimately affects Earth's magnetic field. Increase in the Earths magnetic activities can harm a person's sleep as it could feel just like moving around it the environment. An active body struggles to fall asleep and lack of sleep can result in bad moods on particular days.

3. Gravitational Pull

In this theory, it is believed that the Human body responds to the Moon's gravitational pull in the same way that oceans do. This theory gains extreme support because human bodies are 75% water and all water bodies have the same effect of the moon's gravitation. The unusual movement of cells in the body can affect the mood of a person either positively or negatively.

Though all these theories are highly debatable, they are proven invalid like the myths of moon affecting pregnancy, crimes and lunatic behaviour. Researches are going on as you read and maybe we will have a definite answer of which of the above theory is 100% accurate very soon.