• Akshita Rai Shrivastava

How important is it to Appreciate the Little Things?

How important is it to Appreciate the Little Things?

I woke up in a really good mood this morning with a genuine appreciation for everything. It has been a while since I have felt this way. I have been waking up all grumpy for a while now, so today felt absolutely amazing. The possible reason behind my good mood in the morning could be the euphoria of being back home, back where it is safe. I was in Goa for the past week, prior to which I had been experiencing constant anxiety every morning which didn’t change on the trip. Thankfully, it changed today and it wasn’t like my holiday sucked. My week-long vacation was great, but there was something great about being rested and not in a hurry to enjoy. The appreciation for home and stillness made me realise a lot of things this morning.

Yes, I wasn’t fully at peace while I was on vacation, but am at peace by coming back to my normal life. After much pondering, I realised that I did have a lot of expectations from my trip, which resulted in me not appreciating what was actually going on. This however was not the case with coming back home as I had zero expectations and thus was able to appreciate even the tiniest things. My situation is a classic example of why most of us live our lives unsatisfied. It is because we don’t appreciate the now and every good thing about it and always wander around in search of more.

Why are we miserable?

How important is it to Appreciate the Little Things?

Humans are the most privileged organism on Earth. We are not the biggest of them all, yet occupy the most space for our habitat. Not even the strongest of them all, yet other animals fear getting into our colonies. Not even the most melodious, but it is us who give music a new meaning. Not even the most good looking, but still decide upon the most good looking individuals in the universe. We don’t even live the longest, but we have the resources to live to the fullest. We can acquire so much knowledge without even lifting a finger, we can build things that may last forever, we can comprehend things abstractly, we can explore a world beyond Earth and we can live our lives the way we want.

Still, this is hardly what happens. Most of us live our lives in vain, not realising how much we have and are capable of. We just lament over the things we don’t have and can’t do and end up unhappy. Sometimes, it is not even dissatisfaction with anything in life but a mere thought in our head, resulting in immense misery.

Sadly, even when we are ahead of every other organism on this planet, by all means, they are far ahead of us, as they are satisfied. If we could just appreciate what we have and be 1% as satisfied as the stray dog that gets a piece of bread after starving the entire day, then we are really making the most out of all that we are given. Humankind as a whole is unhappy because we don’t appreciate all that we have right in front of us. Our high aptitudes come in the way of a better life as we always think we deserve more. Which could be true, however, that doesn’t mean we lose sight of what’s already with us.

How to Appreciate Life?

How important is it to Appreciate the Little Things?

Life is not going to be a smooth ride, as everything that happens to us is not under our control. Though, it could be a lot easier if we learn to find happiness in the things we possess and appreciate all that we are given. Here are some techniques by which you can start your appreciation journey.

  • Practice Gratitude Meditation; you will find a lot of guided meditations for the same on Youtube.

  • You can try the oldest trick and keep a gratitude journal.

  • Spend time with yourself and your loved ones every day without fail.

  • Spend some part of the day in the lap of nature.

  • Practice unselfish acts of kindness.

  • Feel free to ask for help when you need it and express what you feel.

  • Make it a routine to shut off your phone once and day and indulge in an activity you truly like.

  • Try and do more of things that make you happy, even if they seem stupid to many.

  • Be present and take notice of the things around you and if you dwell into a thought about the past or the future, quickly start thinking about the best thing in your life right now.

I can go on and on with these tips, but the general idea will remain the same i.e; being present will lead to gratitude, gratitude to appreciation, appreciation to satisfaction which ultimately leads to a happy life. So, in conclusion, do more of the things that make you stay in the present and do it without any ulterior motive. Don’t chase happiness, just stay present and appreciate what you have and then happiness and a life fulfilled will chase you.