• Akshita Rai Shrivastava

How to Deal with Your Problem the Right Way

How to Deal with Your Problem

I have not been writing for quite some time which resulted in me shying away from even checking my blog, and my Instagram becoming something I always resented. As much as I love posting pictures of myself, I don’t want that to be the only thing that defined me. As a result, not only was I unable to write, I hated not being able to write despite knowing that if I wait patiently it will come back to me naturally. Thankfully, it did, after two months I am finally able to pen down anything and everything I want.

I am telling you this because writing is an important part of life. It is the anchor to my anxiety and when I was not able to manage my anxiety in the usual way, I gave in temporary pleasures. These involved spending 9 hours a day on my phone, Netflixing and abandoning all my productive activities. So, my writer’s block made me lazy, unproductive in all aspects and regretful for the same.

I can blame not being able to write for all my misery, but the truth is I was responsible for it all. As not being able to write is one thing and letting that impact every other aspect of your life is another. I took one temporary inconvenience and made it so big that I had problems with everything I did and regrets to compliment them. What I am trying to say is, my misery was only a result of my perception of it and most times it is true with everyone. So, don’t make the same mistake that I did by letting your perception of things get the better of you. Most times your problems are bigger in your head.

How to deal with your problem quickly

In my case I had time, I had the time and comfort to be unproductive and let my perception ruin things for me. It was true in this particular case, as right now I can afford to do the same. Although, that is not the case with everyone and certainly not the case when I faced the same problem previously. So, I will tell you the steps that have worked for me and many other people in the past. I need to pen this down as I don’t seem to remember it when the time comes. Now, I will have this article to fall back to and so will you.

1. Don’t abandon your problem

How to Deal with Your Problem

Most of us use Freud's coping strategies to just get our problems out of our head without dealing with them. The truth is that distracting yourself won’t empower you in any way. You are only shifting things to you subconscious and unconscious allowing them the power to control other thoughts in your mind. So, if you are not dealing with your problems your problems will deal with the thoughts in your head and make them worse. To deal with your problem, you need to do two things.

Firstly, accept that the problem exists and measure the entire situation, what caused it and whether you have control over it.

Secondly, if you don’t have control over it just share the problem with someone to get it out of your head and let it go. If you do have control over your problem, make a plan to implement it and then forget about the results.

2. Don’t judge yourself and your circumstance

How to Deal with Your Problem

Like I said it before, our brain has the power to amplify our problems if we let it. You won’t be able to implement step 1 if you don’t stop judging your problem. Make sure that you try to see the problem for exactly what it is and ignore your personal connotations with it. Like in my case, the bigger problem than not being able to write was that the regret of not being able to do so made me lazy. So, what I had to do was to let go of the regret to be able to deal with the problem. The regret as a result of how I saw myself, I couldn’t accept that I was human and these things happen. So, just don’t be harsh and judgemental on yourself especially when you are dealing with a problem and you’ll be fine.

That is all the advice I want to offer you guys for now, as this 2 step strategy has turned out to be the most favourable for me. If I run into something better in the future, I will make sure that you all know of it.