How to Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

In today's world, we are always surrounded by a screen. Whether it is for entertainment or work, we get it all in a digital form. This consumption of data by means of laptops, phone and TV's can strain eye strain.

The biggest culprit for causing eye strain among the working class is their computer screens as most of their time is spent on that. It is not even possible to find a substitute for laptops and computers as every job demands it. So, we cannot get rid of our laptops but what we can do is reduce their effect on our eyes. We have made a list of things you can do to protect your eyes from laptop screens.

1. Proper Lighting

Protect Your Eyes from the Computer by Lighting

Digital eye strain is caused by excessively blight outdoor or indoor lights. To ensure that your eyes don't strain while using the laptop:

  • close windows and draw curtains

  • use minimum indoor light

  • make sure your laptop is not placed anywhere facing the sunlight

2. Comprehensive Eye Examination

Get eye examintion

An eye examination can help you develop better practices designed specifically for your eyes. A regular examination can provide a better perspective on the eye condition. A doctor could prescribe eye drops or classes based on your results, which can protect your eyes.

3. Reduce Glare

reduce glare to Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

Laptop screens usually reflect a lot of light which are harmful to our eyes. The best way to minimize this is by using an anti-glare screen cover. If you have glasses then you can switch your lenses for ones with Anti Reflective Coating.

4. Display Settings

display settings to Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

Keep the brightness set low and the contrast and colour settings as per your individual need. Adjusting the text size will also help prevent your eyes from hurting. Additionally, look for an upgrade if your laptop has an old display.

5. Blink Your Eyes

blink eyes to Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

Blinking reduces by 33% while using a laptop screen. It might be a good idea to consciously blink often as it prevents eyes from getting dry. Moisture is necessary for your eyes, just like it is necessary for your skin. Blinking provides your eyes with the moisture it needs to function properly, so start blinking.

6. Place Laptop at a distance

Laptop at a distance to Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

Having a laptop screen extremely close to your eyes can be really harmful. Maintain a distance of 24 inches between your screen and eyes.

Another good idea would be to place your screen 15 degrees below your eyes.

7. Exercise your Eyes

eye exercises to Protect Your Eyes from the Computer

To prevent eye fatigue it becomes important to let your eyes get a little workout. Simple acupressure techniques and facial yoga will come handy.

That was the last one, Happy computing.