How Yoga May Boost the Economy of India

We are the generation that has it all. We have access to things no one ever had before, but sadly all these comforts are complemented with problems. Every day we find ourselves exposed to a new problem whether it is which is the result of our own need to find something new. The COVID-19 pandemic is also a result of a small organisation in Wuhan trying their hand at innovation. An effort for prosperity has led to a global health and economic crisis. So, when this continuous effort to innovate is doing more destruction than good. Going back to the past would be our best option for a better future. One such option is using our ancient art of Yoga to boost our economy.

It is not a less known fact that the economy of our country is suffering and the government is running out of ways to save it. That doesn’t mean that we must lose hope, it just means it is time to act and we are doing just that by compiling studies to suggest how yoga can save our crippling economy.

The world is gaga over the benefits of Yoga, but India being the land of Yoga isn’t exploiting the situation fully. Using Yoga a lot of foreign exchange can be generated in various sectors, let us learn how?


India already attracts a ton of tourists for Yoga, but this number could go higher by careful planning and expansion. When travel restrictions are lifted, the government could plan on a more socially distant Yoga experience.


India has a large scope for institutes to teach and promote the practice of Yoga. People including foreign nationals are ready to spend a large amount of money to learn the art, but they just don’t know where to.

Foreign Trade

India is the second-largest exporter of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) products. The first being China, which is already on bad terms with the largest consumer of the products, leaving an opportunity for India to expand.


Many industries are suffering huge losses currently. This problem can be catered to by altering the current products to the Yoga hardware which is high in demand. People are increasingly shopping for yoga mats, clothes and other accessories. By making more producers shift to these products, more revenue could be earned.

Other sectors like technology, literature, social media can also reap the benefits of the economic side of yoga by establishing proper strategies. Isn’t it weird to find out that yoga can not only save your soul, but also the country's economy?