The Best Skin Care Tips for the Winter Season

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

The fall is bad for our mental health as we learned in the previous article about Seasonal Affective Disorder, but it can be equally harsh on our skin. If I could shift to -- right now, but it’s kind of impossible. So, I am going to rely on the second-best option that involves making the best of what I already have. For skincare, it means taking various steps for skincare that might not come naturally to us. Although, they are beneficial for our skin in the long run and hence should be implemented. I am going to share with you all those ways. So, here are the Skin Care Tips for winter season you will find handy:

1. Don’t Exfoliate like it’s Summer

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

I don’t even like writing this, but this is the tip one must follow in winters. I have oily skin, so I exfoliate a lot throughout the year. Although, winters are not the time to exfoliate as the skin is already very dry due to the atmosphere. So, just let go of exfoliating 3 times a week for the next two months. Instead do it once in a week or two, only if you find it's necessary.

2. Make sure your showers are not too hot

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

Hot showers seem tempting during the winters, but I suggest you avoid it. As hot showers dry out the skin rapidly and combined with the atmospheric condition, may cause winter eczema and cracks. So, instead of boiling water, shift to lukewarm water. If this sacrifice seems way too much, keep a moisturizer handy in your shower. Apply the same immediately after your hot shower and check if it works. If it does work for you, then you wouldn’t have to say bye to your hot showers after all.

3. Choose your skincare products wisely

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

In winter you need to change your skincare routine. Every product that touches your skin must have a hydrating agent. This means, choosing a cleanser with moisturizer, creams with hydrating serums and toners with hyaluronic acid. The trick is to choose products that will help your skin retain moisture. Lastly, never forget your moisturizer and if you have been using a gel-based moisturizer, you can consider other options.

4. Cover it Up

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

Don’t leave your skin bare. It is not that hard to follow as it is already so cold, that you would want to wear as many clothes as you can. So, get rid of your summer wear and layer it up. Wear gloves, caps, socks and masks to protect the skin against the harsh atmosphere. Especially when you are stepping out, make sure you don’t leave your skin bare. An addition to this would be not ignoring the sunscreen as no matter how delightful sunlight feels, UV rays are still harmful.

5. The focus of the Fabris

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

Certain warm fabrics can be harsh on the skin for people with sensitive skin. They can develop cracks and contribute further to the dry skin and hence must be avoided. To deal with this problem, choose good quality woollen. Also, if your skin feels weird when you wear certain clothing, avoid wearing it. Hit and trey would be the best way to find the ideal clothes for your skin.

Bonus Skincare Tip for Winter: Lifestyle changes never hurt

If you are serious about your skincare, then make a few lifestyle changes. This should include changes in your diet and activity. Also, drinking a lot of water is a presupposition and must not be avoided. Incorporate lots of hydrating food and vegetables in your diet. It would be wise to add a lot of vitamins and antioxidants in your diet as they help maintain the moisture of the skin. Another change would be incorporating some exercise into your routine. Even a light exercise works, as the intention is to boost the blood circulation to the skin. So, maybe consider going an extra mile for your skin, literally a mile.

These skincare tips for winter are enough for you to take care of your skin’s health this fall. If you don’t want to spend your time hiding your cracks with makeup. Which ironically damages the skin further, make sure to follow the not so hard tips above. Have a wonderful fall and enjoy your skin, don’t stress about it. If you take care of it, it will show it’s an appreciation by looking flawless.