What is Passion?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Passion, a word with thousand definitions but still left ununderstood my most. The oxford dictionary states that it is nothing more than a strong emotion but over the years the word has reinvented itself. Writers hold different opinions about the subject which have resulted in the emergence of distinct meanings, some define it as ‘doing what you love’ while others quote that it is ‘loving what you do’, some argue that it is a mere emotion that affects only the limbic brain while some are under the opinion that just like music, passion affects the entire brain. There are many more but I think you get my point now.

Firstly, I will clear out that I am not a wise monk who can enlighten you with the true meaning of passion and change your life altogether. I am just an infomania who can help you save your precious time researching about the same when you should spend your time experiencing it, and trust me you don’t want to be on your 8th page of the google result for passion and still have no idea what it means; guilty. Nevertheless, after hours of direct light from the computer I’ve drawn a conclusion, but to understand that you have to forget the old saying about finding your passion because you don’t have to find something that is already within you.

For instance when you are in love with someone you are passionate about that person, so the process goes like: find someone you love and then passion follows but if you go by the previously stated ‘find your passion thing’ it would mean find your passion for romantic love and fall in love with everyone you meet, doesn’t make sense right? Hence, stop looking for passion; you won’t find it in a book, a job, a person or a thing because it is already inside you. All that you have to do is find yourself by experiencing everything you want to and then assessing it to find the things you love (not like) and if you honestly put the time and the effort, passion will follow. It is as simple as that, so from now don’t try to search for your passion and instead spend your time living and loving.