What not to do when you are trying to impress a girl.

Updated: May 26, 2020

The title might seem really enticing and you might be hoping for a wiki how sort of step by step manual of what to do. But in this case, it is something beyond that, to achieve your goal here you need to be patient and have to thoroughly understand & sincerely implement what you are about to read.

1. Don’t try to be someone you are not:

I am stating the obvious, but even when every guy is aware of this fact they tend to do the exact opposite. I mean you really think a girl wouldn’t sense that you are lying when you claim to like everything she does. Also even if you get away with it, you can’t build a solid relationship on lies because as soon as she finds out she will leave you for good.

2. Don’t treat her like she is ordinary:

Guys complain about getting friend-zoned but what they don’t realise is that they paved their way into that zone. Let me spell it out for you; if you are not going to start showing small changes in your behaviour through tiny acts of admiration (from the time you realised you like her). She wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between you as an admirer and a friend, hence you will be disappointed when you pop the question. Try to make the girl feel special in your own little ways, that means no grand gestures until you are sure that she is also into you. Also don’t get played, if you suspect that the girl is taking advantage of you; leave right away.

3. Don’t be an intruder:

Guys tend to act like a dominant boyfriend even when they are in the early stages of friendship. You have to let her have her space especially during this stage in your equation because if she has yet not developed a considerate amount of interest in you, she will mistake your concern for interference. So, avoid asking her about who she was talking to or who is that guy etc.

4. Don’t be inattentive while she is talking:

Everyone is aware that girls love to talk but what they love even more is when someone pays attention to their words. So, be a good listener. This habit will help you for the lifetime as you can avoid regular episodes of ‘you never pay attention to me’. Another advantage of this is, it will help you know her better.

5. Don’t do the jealousy thing:

Movies and television have misled us into believing that if a guy flirts with some other girl the heroine of the story would admit her love for him. Well, this never works. The girls get an impression that you are either a douche or just not into her.

6. Don’t be a creep:

Boys often tend to be overly expressive about their feelings by using a clique in every minute, by texting her excessively and bothering her with stories about his loneliness. Don’t make her uncomfortable, such acts will only make you end up in her blocklist or her gossip group.

7. Don’t expect too much out of her:

Look, you are still trying to woo her and maybe she hasn’t even considered you a close friend yet. Stop expecting her to call you and make plans to see you, she isn’t supposed to be making the extra effort but you are. But if you feel like you are putting way too much effort and she is doing nothing chances are maybe you are not that into her or that she is not all interested, in either case, leave her alone.

8. Don’t disrespect her:

A hackneyed but a definite turnoff for every girl on this planet. Please never do that ever.

I am no love expert but I am sure of these things concerning women in general, though in some situations things could be different as long as apply your common sense you are good to go. Also, love is not a contest, never objectify women by trying to win her instead try making her fall in love with you. Lastly, love can’t be forced (always remember this)

Hope this helps you!