Why you’ve never been heartbroken.

Every time I tell someone that I have never been heartbroken, they automatically assume that either I’ve had a pretty smooth life or that I am a cold bitch. Though the latter is true in all sense that doesn’t represent the entire picture.

I might not be a sensitive human but that doesn’t mean I am immune to every emotion distress that comes my way. I’ve had hard times that have impacted me emotionally but none of them felt like a heartbreaking or soul-shattering experience. Whereas there are people who describe a minor glitch as a moment that shattered them.

I am not flattering the fact that I am strong mentally or judging people based upon how they feel, I am well aware that everybody can’t have the same level of sensitivity. I just want to point out that everything that hurts you can’t be labelled as a heartbreak. For example, you describe that ex that dumped you because ‘you didn’t give a Fuck about her’ as a heart breaker, trust me all she did was hurt your ego and you were so over her after a week. How can that be a heartbreak? Still, you narrate the story to people like it is no less than how Stephen Hawking felt when he lost entire body control.

I am sure most people reading this are only in their teens and 95% of them think they’ve dealt with one or more heartbreaks, reality check: most of you haven’t. Heartbreak has an everlasting effect on your life whereas what you have experienced impacted your life for months if not days, so do the maths. I just want you to realise that whatever you’ve dealt with till now is nothing compared to what you are gonna experience in the future and if you’ll continue to describe every minor mishap as a heartbreak chance are you won’t be able to face the real deal. Sorry to be brutal but will you be able to deal with the death of a loved one when you can’t even stop crying over the fuckboy who dumped you?

Learn the difference and stop making a mountain out of a molehill because that’ll just make life harder for you. Instead, introspect to discover that you’ve never been heartbroken and be happy about it. Trust me I am the most optimistic person you’ll find and if I am suggesting that you should be ready for the uncertain future maybe you should consider it. Be emotional but don’t be stupid and don’t waste your time stressing about something that is not worth it.