You can Create The Good Vibes You Crave For

You can Create The Good Vibes You Crave For

‘Good Vibes Only’, if I account for all the times I have seen this quote written in the most ridiculous places, I would waste a lot of time. It is one of the most overused lines in the past few years and it seems like people aren’t over it yet. I am not pointing fingers, I am guilty myself. I just want to point out that while all of us are addicted to the idea of only experiencing good vibes. We don’t consciously try to create those good vibes, not for ourselves and not for other people.

I know that humans are incapable of always being happy and cheerful, but what is stopping us from being decent human beings? What is stopping us from being supportive of people who are trying their best? What is motivating us to criticise everyone that is breathing? What is stopping us from being slightly considerate even when we are angry? What is stopping us from not taking the chance to make someone’s day just because there was nothing special in ours? What is stopping us from smiling when we have so many reasons to? What is stopping us from loving people the same way they do? What is stopping us from creating the good vibes we crave for?

I’ll tell you what’s stopping us, it is none other than our lazy and selfish selves. We want the world to create miracles for us when all we are doing and judging what’s around us. We want good vibes, even when we are spreading toxicity. If you can’t relate, think of the most toxic person you know and how many times they have disparaged a situation or a person by saying that the vibes aren’t great. Well, 9 out of 10 times as per observation.

You can Create The Good Vibes You Crave For

Toxic people are prone to creating and contributing to a negative atmosphere around them. Also, at some point, each one of us might have been that toxic person. It might be for an hour, a day, a month, a year or a combination of all these. It is just that when we look for the so-called good vibes while radiating all the bad vibes ourselves, then we are bound to get nowhere. Always remember that toxicity attracts toxicity and no amount of wallpapers or Insta story reshares will change that.

The point is that when you are not spreading good vibes, you will keep failing in your attempts to find it. An adverse situation is always an exception, but generally speaking, you form a large part of the vibes around you. When you are not ready to appreciate the environment and the ones around you, how can you expect the same? Writing good vibes only won’t get you anywhere, instead create the good vibes you crave for.

How do you create these good vibes?

You can Create The Good Vibes You Crave For

Well, it is simple. Let go of all the things that you think aren’t doing any good for yourself and the people around you. Here’s a tiny list to get you started:

  • Let go of the offence you take every time someone tries to make a joke about anything remotely related to you.

  • Let go of the jealousy you feel for the people who are doing better than you.

  • Let go of the habit of ruining someone else’s mood, just because you are pissed.

  • Stop acting out just because you are not getting enough attention.

  • Let go of finding faults in the things people are excited about.

  • Stop feeling the need to demean something, just to feel better about yourself.

  • Let go of treating someone like they are worthless, just because they annoy you.

  • Stop letting your past trauma direct your present behaviour and perspective of people.

  • Let go of the ego, that stops you from asking for forgiveness when you are wrong.

  • Let go of all that is adversely affecting your growth as a person.

Life is a lot better when we are better. When we try to be a part of the tribe that spreads the good vibes, instead of chasing it, it is when we finally find it. So, get going, make the world a better place and it will become the ideal place for you too. You can’t change the whole world, but you have the power to change your world.

Create the Good Vibes you crave for.

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