You don’t always have to step out of your comfort zone

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Comfort zone, wait this isn’t another reminder for you to step out of your comfort zone. Everybody is aware of that, though not everyone acts on it the point is that I don’t have to force you to act on a hackneyed quote again, as you get that a lot already, right?

I want to draw your attention to the fact that you don’t always have to break free of your comfort zone. Yes, I truly mean this; you don’t have to do something at the cost of your happiness. Let me give my example to clear this out, Public speaking intimidate me but when I occasionally overcome that fear I feel relieved and ecstatic.

I am not at all comfortable with speaking on stage, not even after doing it a couple of times but the sense of accomplishment gives me hope and happiness. At the same time, I don’t like to dance in front of people (unless I am drunk) and dancing on stage is one of my biggest nightmares but in my life, I have been forced to do that on numerous occasions and trust me I end up hating it, even more, every single time. The later brings me misery and woe compared to the coup in the earlier case, this happens because I know that I did a really a bad job on stage because that includes a skill that I don’t possess and have no interest in learning. I have a really stiff body and no sense of rhythm and I don’t think a choreographer can change it in 2 days by teaching me a few steps.

The point is that you can’t ace at everything because not every activity makes you joyous, it is dancing for me but it can be anything for you. Learn to differentiate between things you can’t do and things you don’t want to do, the want should come from your sense of fulfilment and not your laziness. Also, another factor to consider is that whether stepping out of your comfort zone is a necessity for your future, like for me dancing won’t matter in my career but for a person aiming to make it big in Bollywood it will. The truth is that seeking to step out of your comfort zone is not always the best option. Sometimes embracing your own happiness and peace of mind is the only way to be true to yourself and the only road to success and the only mode of fulfilment. So, it’s okay to not step out of your comfort zone for your own sake.